ISIS is Al-Qaeda is Wahhabi is DAESH: A Jihadist By Any Other Name Is Still A Saudi

By Alistair Reign, April 25, 2016. Alistair Reign News Blog.

My continued research into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has led me into some very murky waters. It is well-known that the US presidents, British Ministers and Saudi Kings have a special “ménage à trois enabling and protecting their self-serving, highly profitable oil and arms deals.

Islamic State Fighters. (Photo: Global Research).

Islamic State DAESH Fighters. (Photo: Global Research).

However, the extent to which the USA is willing to cover-up the Saudis’ gross crimes against women and children has gone too far.

Just how far is too far?

When Wahhabi’s reach is extending beyond their own borders – under the banner of the DAESH.

It is no coincidence that the sudden rise and occupation by Islamic Extremists are located in countries that would expand the al-Saud royal family’s kingdom. The countries currently under attack and occupation include Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Yemen.

Although the Saudi king claims to have waged war in Yemen to fight “ISIS; when clearly the Saudi-led coalition is there solely to assist the DAESH fighters in the genocide and leveling of the Yemenis and their culture. Jordan and Israel have blood on their hands as well. The USA-NATO-Israel administrations are state sponsors of terrorism, providing training, weapons and money to various terrorist formations.

Why do you think Saudi Arabia has been the largest purchaser of weapons of war for many years – for a country that was not at war?

Of course they are arming their Wahhabi/DAESH militia’s campaign to occupy, and enforce the surrounding Muslim countries to obey their religious police, who in-turn will force the Muslim people to follow the Wahhabi extremist faction of Islam.

A US solider being deployed to Syria holds up a sign. (Photo: Global Research).

A US solider being deployed to Syria holds up a sign. (Photo: Global Research).

America’s “anti-terrorist campaign is supporting a so-called “moderate” al-Qaeda group known  as “al-Nusrah“, under the pretense of going after another  “more extreme” group of al-Qaeda, and their self-proclaimed Islamic State.

It is no secret that al- Nusrah is an al Qaeda affiliate, who are responsible for committing countless atrocities in Syria. So, it makes no sense that al-Nusrah are now considered to be the “Moderate Opposition” by the Obama administration.

Up until 2014 the al-Qaeda militia’s occupation in Iraq was known as AQI, however when the USA pulled out of Iraq, the region was quickly claimed as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “ISIS“. The declassification of White House internal documents, and the political developments in the Middle East, have contributed towards confirming what media has known and provided evidence many times over:

Washington was behind the formation of ISIS; just as much as it is now supporting themoderate al-Qaeda terrorists, who the Obama administration is heralding as part of America’s campaign against the ISIS-ISIL extremists. Ironically, the US government officials expect the world to believe that they are committed to waging a war against their “frienemy”, the Saudi kingdom’s very own al-Qaeda/ DAESH/ Wahhabi terrorists.


Basically, if we are to believe the preposterous statements the US government feeds to the media, then “al-Qaeda has waged war on itself.

Even more outrageous is the fact that both “warring” al-Qaeda groups are supported covertly by US intelligence and Saudi Arabia; the UK has also played its part in this bloody mess of weapon sales and war crimes.

boom why we have isis

Below is a copy of just one, of many USA Department of Defense internal documents that have been declassified. This particular correspondence proves that the US administration knew they were leaving the Iraqi people defenseless to the armed occupation by Islamic extremists.

us isis unclassifiedus isis unclassified 2us isis unclassified 3us isis unclassified 4us isis unclassified 5

The terrorist groups ISIS and al-Nusrah are protected by the Western military alliance. Both al-Qaeda entities are being used to destroy Syria and Iraq. Their airstrikes allegedly aimed against the DAESH fighters does not target ISIS, it targets Syrian and Iraqi civilians, their schools, hospitals, factories, residential areas, government buildings, roads and bridges.

Could it be that the endgame is a regime change in Syria, and the fragmentation of Iraq, allowing for the Saudis to slip in the backdoor? Consider the following three points.

  1. Going after Islamic terrorists by launching a “preemptive” war to “Protect America’s Homeland,” is being used to justify their own military agenda in the Middle East.
  2. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a creation of US intelligence. Washington’s “Counter-terrorism Agenda” in Iraq and Syria consists of supporting the terrorists.
  3. The incursion of the Islamic State (IS) brigades into Iraq starting in June 2014 was part of a carefully planned military-intelligence operation supported covertly by the US, NATO and Israel.

The counter-terrorism campaign is a fiction.

Portrayed by the media as a humanitarian undertaking, this large-scale military operation directed against Syria and Iraq has resulted in countless civilian deaths.

The Islamic State convoy of DAESH fighters enters Iraq.

The convoy of DAESH fighters enters Iraq June 2014. (Photo: Global Research).

The Islamic State is funded by Saudi Arabia and protected by the US and its allies. According to Professor Michel Chossudovsky in his book ‘America’s War on Terrorism’, “if they had wanted to eliminate the Islamic State brigades, they could have “carpet” bombed their convoys of Toyota pickup trucks when they crossed the desert from Syria into Iraq in June 2014.

The  Syro-Arabian Desert is open territory. With state of the art jet fighter aircraft (F15, F22 Raptor, CF-18) it would have been  -from a military standpoint-  a rapid and expedient surgical operation. It could not have been undertaken without the unbending support of  the Western media which has upheld Obama’s initiative as a counter-terrorism operation.

By Professor Michel Chossudovsky.

The US has supported Al Qaeda and its affiliated organizations for almost half a century since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war.

CIA training camps were set up in Pakistan.  In the ten year period from 1982 to 1992, some 35,000 jihadists from 43 Islamic countries were recruited by the CIA to fight in the Afghan jihad.

Advertisements, paid for from CIA funds, were placed in newspapers and newsletters around the world offering inducements and motivations to join the Jihad.”

Since the Reagan Administration, Washington has supported the Islamic terror network.

Ronald Reagan called the terrorists “freedom fighters”. The US supplied weapons to the Islamic brigades.  It was all for “a good cause”: fighting the Soviet Union and regime change, leading to the demise of a secular government in Afghanistan.

Ronald Reagan meets Afghan Mujahideen Commanders at the White House in 1985.

Ronald Reagan meets Afghan Mujahideen Commanders at the White House in 1985. (Photo: Reagan Archives).

Jihadist textbooks were published by the University of Nebraska. “The United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan school children with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings”

Osama bin Laden, America’s bogyman and founder of Al Qaeda was recruited by the CIA in 1979 at the very outset of the US sponsored jihadist war against Afghanistan . He was 22 years old and was trained in a CIA sponsored guerrilla training camp.

Al Qaeda was not behind the 9/11 Attacks. September 11, 2001 provided a justification for waging a war against Afghanistan on the grounds that Afghanistan was a state sponsor of terrorism, supportive of Al Qaeda.

“The 9/11 attacks were instrumental in the formulation of the “Global War on Terrorism”.”


The Islamic State was originally an Al Qaeda affiliated entity created by US intelligence with the support of Britain’s MI6, Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia’s General  Intelligence Presidency (GIP), Ri’āsat Al-Istikhbārāt Al-’Āmah ( رئاسة الاستخبارات العامة‎).

The United States and some European allies are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria, a senior U.S. official and several senior diplomats told CNN Sunday. ( CNN Report, December 9, 2012)

The United States and some European allies are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria, a senior U.S. official and several senior diplomats told CNN Sunday. ( CNN Report,  December 9, 2012)

The ISIL brigades were involved in the US-NATO supported insurgency in Syria directed against the government of Bashar al Assad.

NATO and the Turkish High Command were responsible for the recruitment of ISIL and Al Nusrah mercenaries from the outset of the Syrian insurgency in March 2011. According to Israeli intelligence sources, this initiative consisted in:

“a campaign to enlist thousands of Muslim volunteers in Middle East countries and the Muslim world to fight alongside the Syrian rebels. The Turkish army would house these volunteers, train them and secure their passage into Syria. (DEBKAfile, NATO to give rebels anti-tank weapons, August 14, 2011.)”

There are Western Special Forces and Western intelligence operatives within the ranks of the ISIL. British Special Forces and MI6 have been involved in training jihadist rebels in Syria.

Western military specialists on contract to the Pentagon have trained the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons.

isis-cia-cooperation (Photo: Global Research).1

(Photo: Global Research).

The ISIL’s practice of beheadings is part of the US sponsored terrorist training programs implemented in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Recruited by America’s ally (Saudi Arabia), a large number of ISIL mercenaries are convicted criminals released from Saudi prisons on condition they join the ISIL.

Saudi death row inmates were recruited to join the terror brigades.”

Israel  has supported  the ISIL and Al Nusrah brigades out of the Golan Heights.

Jihadist fighters have met Israeli IDF officers as well as Prime Minister Netanyahu. The IDF top brass tacitly acknowledges that “global jihad elements inside Syria” [ISIL and Al Nusrah] are supported by Israel. 


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next to a wounded mercenary in an Israeli military field hospital at the occupied Golan Heights border, Syria February 18, 2014. (Photo: Global Research).


The ISIL are the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance. Their unspoken mandate is to wreck havoc and destruction in Syria and Iraq, acting on behalf of their US sponsors.

U.S. Senator John McCain has met up with jihadist terrorist leaders in Syria. 

The Islamic State (IS) militia, which is currently the alleged target of  a US-NATO bombing campaign under a “counter-terrorism” mandate, continues to be supported covertly by the US. Washington and its allies continue to provide military aid to the Islamic State.

John McCain has met up with jihadist terrorist leaders in Syria.

John McCain has met up with jihadist terrorist leaders in Syria. (Photo: Global Research).

U.S. and allied bombings are not targeting the ISIL, they are bombing the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Syria including factories and oil refineries.

The IS caliphate project is part of a longstanding U.S. foreign policy agenda to carve up Iraq and Syria into separate territories: A Sunni Islamist Caliphate, an Arab Shia Republic, a Republic of Kurdistan.


The Global War on Terrorism is presented as a “Clash of Civilizations, a war between competing values and religions, when in reality it is an outright war of conquest, guided by strategic and economic objectives.

U.S. sponsored Al Qaeda terror brigades (covertly supported by Western intelligence) have been deployed in Mali, Niger, Nigeria, the Central African Republic, Somalia and Yemen.

These various affiliated Al Qaeda entities in the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa  and Asia are CIA sponsored “intelligence assets”. They are used by Washington to wreck havoc,  create internal conflicts and destabilize sovereign countries.

The  oko Haram in Nigeria, Al Shabab in Somalia, the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) (supported by NATO in 2011),  Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM),  Jemaah Islamiah (JI) in Indonesia,  among other Al Qaeda affiliated groups are supported covertly by Western intelligence.

The US is also supporting Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organizations in the Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region of China. The underlying objective is to trigger political instability in Western China.

Chinese jihadists are reported to have received “terrorist training” from the Islamic Statein order to conduct attacks in China”. The declared objective of these Chinese-based jihadist entities (which serves the interests of the US)  is to establish a Islamic caliphate extending into Western China. (Michel Chossudovsky, America’s War on Terrorism, Global Research, Montreal, 2005, Chapter 2).


The Terrorists R Us:  While the US is the unspoken architect of the Islamic State,  Obama’s holy mandate is to protect America against ISIL attacks.

The homegrown terrorist threat is a fabrication. It is promoted by Western governments and the media with a view to repealing civil liberties and installing a police state. The terror attacks by alleged jihadists and terror warnings are invariably staged events. They are used to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

In turn, the arrests, trials and sentences of “Islamic terrorists” sustain the legitimacy of America’s Homeland Security State and law enforcement apparatus, which has become increasingly militarized.

The ultimate objective is to instill in the minds of millions of Americans that the enemy is real and the U.S. Administration will protect the lives of its citizens.

The “counter-terrorism” campaign against the Islamic State has contributed to the demonization of Muslims, who in the eyes of Western public opinion are increasingly  associated with the jihadists.

Anybody who dares to question the validity of the “Global War on Terrorism” is branded a terrorist and subjected to the anti-terrorist laws.

The ultimate objective of the “Global War on Terrorism” is to subdue the citizens, totally depoliticize social life in America, prevent people from thinking and conceptualizing, from analyzing facts and challenging the legitimacy of the inquisitorial social order which rules America.

The Obama Administration has imposed a diabolical consensus with the support of its allies, not to mention the complicit role of the United Nations Security Council.  The Western media has embraced the consensus; it has described the Islamic State as an independent entity, an outside enemy which threatens the Western World.


Read my corresponding report KSA vs ISIS: A Wahhabi Terrorist by any other name is still a Wahhabi in our News Section.

This article references Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: 26 Things About ISIL Obama Does Not Want You to Know.

Please send inquiries and permission to re-blog this article to Alistair.Reign@Gmail.com, thank you.

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