Fundraising for Children of War

A little goes a long way. The humanitarian organizations I write about in this section are run by local volunteers who are living respectively in the war-torn countries of Yemen, Syria and Iraq. By donating to one these charities, 100% of your donation will reach the families and children depending on our humanity and generosity. Please take a moment to donate what you can in this time of global humanitarian crises. Thank you.

Yemen: Mona Relief Is Helping Feed The Hungry

#YemenNeglected #yemenbleeds #cdnpoli Please help save the children in Yemen. They are dying, not from famine – from siege of their country. pic.twitter.com/RVuHB4a5Xq — Alistair Reign (Ali) (@AlistairReign) April 17, 2017 No child should ever go a day without a [continue reading].