Satire: The Little Troll Dolls That Could Have

Hillary vs Troll Doll.

Hillary Clinton and Troll Girl: Ooopsies, which one accidentally deleted incriminating emails?

Troll Baby vs Donald.

Troll Baby and Donald Trump: which one has the wit of a magic 8 ball?

Troll Doll vs Bernie.

Sad-eyed Troll Man and Bernie Sanders:Which one is thinking about a delicious sandwich he ate back in 1939?

Bernie vs Troll Doll.

Bernie Sanders and angry Troll Doll: Which one is yelling at kids to get off his lawn?

This Doll vs This Lady.

Norwegian doll and House Speaker: Which one doubles as a seat filler?

Troll Wahhabi vs a real Saudi.

Troll Wahhabi or the late King of Saudi: Which one has no sense of humanity?

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Author: Alistair Reign

Lover of humanity: I have traveled throughout North America, Mexico, parts of Europe, and the UK as a freelance consultant in the field of internet marketing; medical and corporate website development; writing for, and publishing digital magazines for international markets. Human Rights Activist: Canadian, Child and War Refugee Rights. . Artist: Sculpture, Wall-size Collage, Oil and Acrylic Painting. Writer: Non-fiction, Advertising, Poetry and Prose and journalism. Publisher: Digital and Print Magazines since 1992: Currently: publishing and writing for Alistair Reign News Blog. Currently: Fundraising for the Children of War, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping children of war.

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