MSF Demands Action From UNSC: Hospitals #NotATarget

Doctors Without Borders, April 28, 2016. MSF #NotATarget Campaign.

A Social Media Action in Solidarity Against the Targeted Killing of Civilians and Humanitarians

Hospitals Are #NotATarget

On average, an MSF-supported health structure was bombed or shelled every single week in Syria in 2015 and in the first six weeks of 2016.

MSF’s health structures and locally-run hospitals have also been partially or totally destroyed in Yemen, South Sudan or Afghanistan, among other countries, causing intolerable suffering and death among doctors, medical staff, patients, care takers and communities. And these incidents are only a pale reflection of the brutality of contemporary conflict.

MSF assists the South Sudanese population displaced by the conflict in the Upper Nile State. MSF runs a hospital inside the POC (protection of civilians) UN site in Malakal, where approximately 50,000 are currently living, and a clinic in Wau Shiluk, a village on the West Bank of the Nile that has become an IDP settlement with nearly 20,000 persons.

MSF assists the South Sudanese population displaced by the conflict in the Upper Nile State. MSF runs a hospital inside the POC (protection of civilians) UN site in Malakal, where approximately 50,000 are currently living, and a clinic in Wau Shiluk, a village on the West Bank of the Nile that has become an IDP settlement with nearly 20,000 persons. (Photo: MSF)

These horrific attacks show a complete disregard for the protection of impartial health care delivery in conflict, and the obligations of health care workers to treat all sick and wounded without discrimination or interference, including wounded combatants. In so doing, they also contravene international humanitarian law. Wars stop at the gates of the hospital.

Attacks have a catastrophic impact on people already made vulnerable by war and violence. When hospitals are bombed, civilians are often severely maimed or killed, and those who survive lose access to the medical help they desperately need.

On May 3, 2016, a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution will be put forward by the governments of New Zealand, Spain, Uruguay, Japan, and Egypt calling for the respect of the protection of the medical mission.

MSF Doctors Without Borders #NotATarget Campaign. With this resolution, MSF demands that the UNSC unambiguously recommit to upholding the norms that govern the conduct of war and maintaining a space for humanity at the heart of hostilities. Attacks on civilians, patients, health staff and structures MUST STOP!

We (MSF) need our supporters to stand with us to send out the message that medical facilities, medical  personnel and patients are not a target.

You Can Help Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

-NotATarget Doctors Without Borders Canada Médecins Sans Frontières MSF CanadaSign up for their Thunderclap and help harness the power of the crowd to amplify their message to the UN Security Council.

Lend your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account to help us send a message to the UN Security Council in the lead-up to the vote on the resolution. They need at least 500 supporters to join the Thunderclap group. If MSF reach that goal by May 2nd, supporters will simultaneously send out a message that the UN Security Council will hear loud and clear.

Alistair Reign Social Media Profile - #NotATarget

Alistair Reign Social Media Icon #NotATarget. Make yours on Thunderclap.

I have added my voice to their Thunderclap.

I encourage you to add yours!

Spread The Message On Your Social Media

Copy and share the following (MSF Approved message) in a post:

On average, an MSF-supported health structure was bombed or shelled every week in 2015 in Syria and in the first six weeks of 2016. MSF’s health workers and health structures have also been targeted in Yemen, South Sudan and Afghanistan, amongst other countries, causing intolerable suffering, death and destruction.

I stand with MSF in asking the United Nations Security Council to reaffirm the protection of impartial medical care, health workers and of all patients, regardless of their background, and to establish effective, independent investigations to report attacks on medical facilities and hold accountable those who attack them. Hospitals are #NotATarget  www.msf.ca/NotATarget

Copy and share these (MSF Approved Messages) on Twitter:

  • Attacks on hospitals must stop! This cannot be the accepted norm. @UN Security Council (#UNSC) must reaffirm that hospitals are #NotATarget
  • I stand with @MSF in asking the @UN Security Council (#UNSC) to reaffirm that hospitals are #NotATarget


Source: MSF Website Article: Hospitals Are #NotATarget.

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