Yemen: Veritas and Mona Documentary – Call For Yemeni Testimonies

Stand and be heard, rise a torrent, reclaim your voice for Yemen: Veritas Consulting.

Mona Relief Charity Organization - No2WarInYemen

Veritas Consulting, a London UK-based company, and the Mona Relief Organization, a Yemeni registered charity are looking to break the internet for Yemen. Veritas Consulting in collaboration with the Mona Relief Organization are currently shooting a documentary that is giving the Yemeni people an opportunity to tell their story of personal suffering, loss or even triumph during this time of acute crisis for their country.

Add your story, or someone you know to the documentary – help expose the dire humanitarian need inside Yemen.

Veritas and Mona are saying #No2WarInYemen

Veritas and Mona want to hear from both the Yemeni people trapped in the war-torn country, as well as people with loved ones living in Yemen who may have witnessed, or have knowledge, or evidence of unlawful airstrikes or other Saudi crimes against humanity – the first step is to write your story or testimony – then send it an email to their caring staff, please include videos and pictures if available. You can also visit their website for other methods of communication.

Be a voice for Yemeni families who cannot be heard – the women and children, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, babies, the elderly and disabled – each one is hoping and praying the world leaders will put a stop to the unlawful civilian bombings, and resulting deaths of their loved ones.

Yemen needs you to make a stand and speak against – imperialism and injustice.

Will you let silence define you, or will you rise a torrent – reclaim your voice?

Now it’s your turn to say #No2WarInYemen

Your identity is safe with Veritas, your stories approached with compassion, and your name kept private unless otherwise requested.

Send Veritas caring staff your testimonies, videos and pictures by email, you can also send testimonies and evidence to the Mona Relief Twitter account, or visit Veritas website for other methods of communication. Thank you.


Please share this article. Help Veritas and Mona staff gather personal stories and evidence from Yemeni citizens, and their friends and families living outside of Yemen.

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